Performance Hoof Care - Tim C Mockford, Equine Podiatrist
About Me
I have now been practising as a full time equine podiatrist for a little over 10 years.I run a busy practice covering the South West of England and feel very privileged to work with an incredibly diverse range of horses, not to mention a host of passionate and committed owners  

I initially trained with the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry and after qualifying as a DAEP, went on to become one of the Institutes 'Licensed Instructors'. Although I still adhere to the principles and philosophies of the Institute, I am no longer an active member as I wanted to be free to develop my skills and knowledge with a range of different organisations both within the UK and the US. As such I now refer to myself as an independent hoof care specialist

I am passionate about the science of Equine Podiatry and believe it is essential that we establish, maintain and develop the highest possible standards in regards to training and professional conduct

Whenever employing a hoof care provider it is important that you do your research. Establish which organisation they trained with, how long they have been practising and what 'model' they use to balance the horses feet

Do not be afraid to ask for references or details of professional indemnity insurance before engaging their services and above all do not be afraid to challenge or question what they are doing. The most powerful question we can ask, is one of the simplest yet most profound, 'Why?'

It is only by questioning the norm that we learn anything new. The actual trim is only a small part of the overall care of a shoeless horse and your hoof care provider should be happy to discuss all aspects of your horses lifestyle in order to ensure that they can achieve optimum foot health

As a keen educator, I also run regular hoof care workshops at venues across the UK, as well as lecturing to and working with, other equine professionals and equine organisations 
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