Performance Hoof Care - Tim C Mockford, Equine Podiatrist
Dissection Clinics

The most effective way in which to understand the complexity of the distal limb is to attend one of our Dissection Clinics

These clinics have been designed to give you a unique view of both the external and internal structures of the foot 

  • Very hands on and interactive
  • A variety of hooves will be examined to allow comparative study of the external structures
  • Using structural anatomy you will discover the relationships between external structure and the underlying foundation
  • A detailed dissection with then reverse engineer the construction of the internal foot

Theses interactive clinics are relaxed and informal and are suitable for horse owners, veterinarians, farriers or indeed any other equine professional seeking knowledge

  • Providing you get a minimum of 6 people your place is free !
  • Cost to others is £50 per person
  • Clinics last approximately 5 hours with a 30 minute break 
  • All we need is a suitable area in which to work on the cadavers (this can be an outside area providing it is under cover)
  • Parking for up to 10 cars

Please free to contact me if you would like to host a clinic

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